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Boogma.com is a Wiki-like project I started developing mid-2004. I have stopped developing it due to other projects coming up. It is in a usable state but lacks users and groups management.

It is a light piece of software that can be hosted on the Web or in an intranet. It can serve as a commonplace to share information within a company. It has the following standard features:

  • Written in PHP, it relies on MySQL database and XML files. Javascript is minimal (it wasn’t the trend back then).
  • Users can easily enter posts, images, links, files, and link them to one another.
  • Editor accepts plain text or HTML. A rich text editor is planned too.

Also, I am trying to improve on the existing Wiki applications with the following features:

  • Advanced relationships between articles. Articles can refer (link) to each other, which is registered in the database. An article can then define a unique parent from one of the articles it is referred by. In turn it creates a sibling relationship with other articles that have the same parent. Sounds complex but the interface makes it easy.
  • The result is that one of the common Wiki shortcoming, which is the navigation between articles, is here very complete. For each article, you see its parent, its siblings, and the other articles that link to it. For example a page describing a function of a library will have links to the library’s main page, to other functions of the library, and to examples using this function.
  • I also added the possibility to assign tags to articles, which is popular and powerful.
  • A collection page presents a collection of articles’ summaries, like an RSS aggregator and websites like Digg. It is used for the Front page where it lists public articles ordered by time posted. On such a page you can filter items using tags or the search utility.


You can attach a document to another by using the following steps. It creates a reference relationship.

  • Add a boogma HTML tag somewhere in your article content. After submitting your changes, an “attach document” button will appear in your article at the place you chose.
  • If you click on that button, you will be sent to a collection page where you can easily find and select the document you want to attach. The Id of the referencing document is shown but it will be replaced by its explicit name.
  • When you are at the document you want to attach, just click on the special attach link.
  • You are sent back to the referencing document, where you can see a summary with a link to the attached document.

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